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Three words to describe me?


I have always been curious by nature, and programming gives me the opportunity to explore and experiment with different solutions to complex problems. I approach each project with an open mind, eager to learn new things and expand my skill set. I enjoy researching and learning about emerging technologies in my field, which fuels my curiosity and keeps me engaged in my work.


My passion for programming stems from my desire to create something valuable and impactful. I take pride in writing clean, efficient code and am always looking for ways to improve my skills. I enjoy taking on challenging projects that allow me to push myself beyond my limits and stretch my abilities to their fullest potential.



With my technical abilities and experience in programming languages, I am confident in my ability to tackle even the most complex projects. I have a strong problem-solving ability and enjoy breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces. I am always eager to learn new technologies and techniques to stay at the forefront of my field, which has helped me become a capable developer.

Tree of life

Trees have been used as metaphors for resilience, growth, and life. The image or concept of the tree of life is ubiquitous through various cultures around the world. Likewise a tree can symbolize families and connected persons, where each branch may represent a grandmother, father, cousin, sister, or even yourself. All of us have our own that branch sprouts, grows, and evolves with us...

This branch is mine.

Branch segment

Sep 2014

First branch picture

Began my first BSc. degree, majoring in biology, at the University of British Columbia.

Nov 2018

Second branch picture

Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc. major in biology.

Branch segment

Sep 2019

First branch picture

Return to UBC for my second BSc. degree, majoring in Cognitive Systems. Specializing in Computational Intelligence and Design, a computer science stream.

Sep 2021

Second branch picture

Began co-op (internship) at Whatifi working as a full-stack developer. Worked with TypeScript, React, and PostgreSQL. Utilized Go for back-end services

Branch segment

Apr 2022

First branch picture

Finished co-op placement at Whatifi. Developed and implemented many full stack solutions.

Jan 2023

Second branch picture

Began co-op (internship) at Elastic Path. Work with primarily Go to maintain and expand various microservices.

Branch segment

Aug 2023

First branch picture

Finished co-op (internship) at Elastic Path.

Sep 2023

Second branch picture

Returned to Whatifi as a Lead Software Engineer. Currently leading a large scale refactor of coupled client side code into a robust and scalable API.

That's the story of me so far, but if you would like to know more...

In my free time I'm usually working on an interesting personal project, or relaxing with some video games. Beyond that I enjoy all types of physical activities as well, ranging from weightlifting, to rock climbing, badminton, and almost anything that gets my body moving. If you would like further information about me, feel free to check out my resume and my personal projects by clicking the buttons below or in the side menu. If you have any further questions or wish to reach out to me then you can find my socials in the header, in the contact me button below, and in the side menu as well.