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Below are all of my completed projects. Click on any project image or name to get more details.
Portfolio Website
My portfolio website, created using TypeScript, CSS, and the Next.js React framework.
Neural Network Web App
A web application centered around a neural network that can recognize hand drawn digits.
A full stack todo web application, created using TypeScript, CSS, and the SvelteKit framework.
A chatroom web application, created using Go, TypeScript, and Svelte.
Multilayer Perceptron
A multi-layer perceptron implementation from scratch, written in C++
Linear Algebra Library
A performant basic linear algebra library that focuses on matrices, written in C++.
Snake Game
The classic game of snake. Written in TypeScript, utilizing React and React-Pixi.
Password Manager
A secure personal password manager in Java that stores all user entries client-side.
OSRS Mining A.I.
I trained a neural network to detect objects in the video game Old School Runescape, so I could automate gameplay.
Custom Discord Bot
A Discord bot for a personal server, developed in Python, that has various functionalities.
Sudoku Solver
A Soduku solver that uses generative recursion and backtracking.